3 Window Treatment Ideas

Each of stuff, furniture or anything which you use in your room should have the right treatment to make it always looks like new and also it will make the thing can survive for long time. Thus, you have to ensure that you treat your things well. For treating the window, you can do 3 window treatment ideas also to make you have the perfect look in your room. Even though it is just a window, you still have to treat your window well. First, you can use the curtain to make you have the additional beautiful look. You can use the curtain whatever you want, this means if you want to use pattern or full colors but it also should be based on the theme colors and room design that you have applied.

Second, you can use between roman shades and wood slat blinds to make you have more private room in your own home. Then, the last of 3 window treatment ideas is you should wash the curtain routinely and you have to clean up the window daily to always get the clean and neat look in your room. It is all the treatment that you can do routinely to keep your room shiny.

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