Smart Movable Kitchen Islands

When it comes to kitchen, flexibility is what we often need more than others. Chopping here and cooking there, hosting groups for diner or preparing the cook with watching movie together, all those kitchen activities that somehow needs different angle. Or, sometimes it is just you that want a different perspective. Making all the things possible is easy with movable kitchen islands, especially if you are one that is not […]

Interior Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Bedroom

Are you willing to decorate your kids’ bedroom? If yes you are, you have to involve your kids in decorating their bedroom because the one who will stay and sleep in the night is your kids. So, you have to make sure that they like the interior decoration itself. There are many kinds of interior decorating ideas for kids that you can choose one of them. Of course, you have […]

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Exterior Spiral Staircase for Your House

People who have more than one floor house surely will consider about making stairs so they can go to the next floor. Nowadays, so many kind of staircase which you can choose for your house because many people put their imagination and create numerous kinds of staircase that will make the home look more unique, one of the staircases which you can choose is the spiral staircase. People not only […]

Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Minimalist House

If you want to build such minimalist house, you may consider that every single space in your house should be in minimalist style including the kitchen. If by any chance you also have such small space to build your kitchen, it must be perfect to apply some small kitchen design ideas into your small space. When you design the layout of your kitchen, you can consider taking L shaped or […]

Choosing Bathroom Color Ideas

Too many color to choose, but there will always be one thing that is sure; that the colour you choose is the personality of you, and it can’t be separated from personal preferences. When it comes to bathroom coloring, some colour it based on practicalities, and some simply by color preferences. Doing both is surely the best way, so you can get the beauty and the function too. It is […]

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Adjustable Outside Kitchen Designs

Since eating and dining is for more than just belly business, kitchen is also more than just food preparation spot. We love indoor kitchen with that heavenly smell bakes fresh from the oven just like we do the version when it is served on the plate. But, there are more to experience in outside kitchen. Of course, once you eat and cook outside you want more than just that nice […]

Enjoyable Contemporary Sofa Beds

It is a piece of furniture that works for more than just a single use. A single use is almost a waste for them, since they have technology and innovation to be more and to do more. Why should use space that is not made effectively? With contemporary sofa beds, one can enjoy both movie and sleeping time together. Free to choose what your sofa beds are more into; either […]

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Slim For Small Bathroom Design

There are many big ideas for small bathroom. The smaller the bathroom is, the bigger the ideas are; whether it is that classic trick of using bright colours or that relatively modern with mirrors and small motif backsplash. And, yours may be that small ones; the small that is debatable or that really tiny one. Whatever inch you have, there will always be space that you can use, just like […]

Charm And Warm Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen designs always have more and more to throw, but Italian kitchen cabinets will always be one in the top list of the style. Made of wood, but is different from other wooden cabinet. Classic style, but is more than the other classic. This is kitchen cabinet with the touch of Italian, and as we know that whenever it comes to Italian, taste and art always be incorporated. This is […]

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Get Classy with River Rock Fireplace

Building a house, we need to make the house with many kinds of appearances that can come from the interior and also exterior design. Here, inside the house, we can have the house with many furniture and decoration items as long as we want. One of the decorations from the house is about river rock fireplace. It is about the fireplace which is being designed using rocks from the river […]

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