Traditional Asian living Room Chinese Style

In Chinese value, living room have a important aspect that conduct to the one who live there, and ancient chinese feng shui is the art of interior decorating that creates balanced, relaxing, and attractive rooms to add harmony for the people who lived there. This traditional Asian living room decorating ideas teachs a philosophy of how to achieve balanced,take care of health, protect homes, and attracting wealth also happiness.

According to feng shui living room furniture placement guide,people sitting in the living room should be able to see everyone who is entering the room, so no one of the seat or sofa placement backing up the doors. The center of living room is the good luck zone, and its important to decorate a living room with some open space in its center to attract good luck and wealth. If the living room design has an alcove, the positive energy can stagnate in the house. Indoor plants help to improve the energy flow. Beside that, hanging mirror on the wall can creates a sense of depth and stimulates energy movement. Living room furniture corners and columns should be rounded or cut 45’ angle to help the energy flow. Room corners and sharp edges can be decorated with beautiful indoor plants with rounded leaves and climbing house plants. They are a little bit decorating ideas from traditional Asian living room chinese style, hope it can be inspires you.

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